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The Day of his Coming - Dawn Book Supply
The Day of his Coming

Prophecies relating to the time of the end. The return of Jesus to earth to establish the Kingdom of God and reward the faithful is basic Bible teaching and the belief of all true Christians. The Bible gives many signs as to when this event might be expected and how believers can prepare for it. Some of these predictions are quite specific as to timing, others are more general indications. but combined they have given Bible students much encouragement and hope.

This A5 size 134 page book looks at a number of the signs and events that relate to these end times and makes suggestions as to how these events might transpire.

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Bible Commentary By Charles John Ellicott  - Dawn Book Supply
Bible Commentary By Charles John Ellicott
review by : Nik

Good commentary.

Commandments of Christ - Dawn Book Supply
Commandments of Christ
review by : Ramila

Incredibly interesting thank you, I bevliee your current readers might possibly want a whole lot more content of this nature keep up the great hard work.

The Bible as History - Dawn Book Supply
The Bible as History
review by : Andrew Longman

This was one of the books that convinced me of the truth of the Bible. Several different topics are explored, from Manna to the fortified gates built by David and Solomon.
What makes it all the more satisfying to read is that it comes from a writer with no religious axe to grind or even an existing faith - yet he shows the bible to be an accurate historical record in several key areas. If the Bible can be trusted in this respect, it gives us confidence that we can put trust in its central message.


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