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The Trinity true or false?

The Trinity true or false?

P J Southgate & J H Broughton

The doctrine of the Trinity is the result of developments that took place mainly in the first three centuries after Christ. This is a challenging book. It should be read by everyone who has the interests of Christianity at Heart.


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review by : Graham Lake

Today, while almost all other Christian doctrines are now taken to be matters for debate, the Trinity remains the fundamental dividing line between views widely described ‘orthodox’ or ‘heretic’.

 The approach taken to this subject by the two authors of this very readable book is largely to ignore the theologians and orthodox ‘scholarship’and simply to let the Bible speak for itself. I was struck by the quite astounding number of Bible quotes referenced (nearly 1,000), and by the intelligence and directness in dealing with those verses. By its careful consideration of each passage and its constant comparison of Scripture with Scripture, this book presents its conclusions in a totally convincing and non-confrontational way.

 As one reviewer so accurately described it:

“The primary aim of the authors has been to present the positive teaching of Scripture to such effect that Trinitarian concepts become untenable.”

Consequently, some Christians reading this book will be disturbed by the force of its conclusions. Others will thoroughly welcome such a clear and logical presentation of Bible teaching on a subject that should be at the very core of Christianity itself.

 Although the book has tremendous value as a work of reference for anyone trying to understand this most important subject, or explain ‘difficult’ passages, there is really no substitute for reading the book as a whole. In fact, while the book may outwardly bare little resemblance to a conventional detective thriller, anyone reading it with a sincere wish to understand the Bible correctly may even experience a ‘page-turning’ compulsion as its explanations unfold!

 A thoroughly enjoyable and useful read.

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